Reviews of my first book

Politics of Risk-Taking: Welfare State Reform in Advanced Democracies (Amsterdam University Press, 2010)

  • ‘There is no doubt the book will serve as source of inspiration for future scholarship’. Marek Naczyk in Czech Sociological Review.’
  • The approach and methodologies of this well-crafted study shine new light on the politics of welfare state reform’. Sara le Cointre in Public Administration.
  • ‘(A)n authoritative critique of existing accounts of welfare state reform, (which) makes a significant contribution by introducing prospect theory to the comparative welfare state literature’. Patrick Emmenegger in Journal of European Social Policy.
  • ‘If you want to know why the prospect of riots, strikes, and demonstrations do not deter politicians from pursuing reforms so unpopular that they lead to such strong reactions in society, this is the book you want to read’. Sabine Zuydam in International Journal of Public Administration.
  • ‘The book makes valuable contributions to method and to theory’. Peter Taylor-Gooby in Journal of Social Policy.
  • ‘(T)he book is an impressive attempt to add to the empirical and theoretical accounts of risk and welfare reform’. David Denny in Social Policy & Administration.
  • For reviews by Christoffer Green-Pedersen, Kurt Weyland and Klaus Armingeon, see the website of Amsterdam University Press, where you can also order the book.